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Passionist Young Adults Retreat 2013 held July 12-14th at the Magnificat Retreat Centre – Featherston.

It was a gloomy Friday evening brim with precipitation. A sluggish window wiper, and a demister that threatened to blow its last breath of warm air in a mission critical situation was the scenario befalling the journey from Palmerston North to Featherston. All in anticipation of the Passionist Young Adult retreat from the 12th – 14th August.

This was my second time experiencing the warm friendly environment of a Passionist YA retreat. Jo McDade, a native of  the ‘lucky country’ Australia  lead us in a weekend of prayer, fellowship and reflection surrounding the theme of; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Jo kept the sessions relaxed and thought provoking, providing everyone an opportunity to reflect on what had been, what is happening and what is to come in our lives in the context of Passionist spirituality. Similarly, Chris Duthie Jung explored what it means to be a young Catholic  today in New Zealand with excerpts provided from his doctoral research.

The time spent with friends old and new sharing amazing food, prayer, laughs and even a low key game of poker further cemented the position that the Passionist Young Adult retreat has as something not to be missed on the Catholic young adult calendar. Roll on the 2014 retreat!

Written by Will Warren


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